Bayer Sees US Rejecting German Baycol Claims - Reuters - January 13, 2002

Bayer Sees U.S. Rejecting German Baycol Claims
January 13, 2002

FRANKFURT (Reuters) — Germany's Bayer AG said on Sunday it was confident U.S. courts would reject an attempt to include German cases in a class-action suit over withdrawn cholesterol drug Baycol.

``German courts applying German law should decide disputes between German citizens and a German corporation... This principle is supported by American law,'' Bayer said in a statement.

On Friday, German lawyer Michael Witti said U.S. solicitors had found a way of representing German cases for U.S. courts and that he would discuss the planned suit at a news conference scheduled to take place in Berlin on Monday.

Bayer withdrew Baycol, which was sold under the name of Lipobay in countries outside the United States, in August after it was linked with more than 50 deaths around the world.

The recall led to a spate of lawsuits against Bayer and speculation that the company would have to meet compensation claims.

Witti cooperates with Chicago law firm Kenneth B. Moll & Associates, which earlier filed a lawsuit against U.S. healthcare manufacturer Baxter International Inc (NYSE:BAX).

In November, Baxter agreed to pay a total of $2.89 million to the families of 10 Spanish patients who died after using Baxter kidney dialysis products.