Breast Implants - Eye Witness News Channel 7 - January 29, 1993

Breast Implants
Eye Witness News
Channel 7
January 29, 1993

Linda Yu: A lawsuit filed in Chicago this week is alleging that breast implants can not only harm women, but also harm their children. Channel 7’s Mary Ann Childers joins us now with details in medicine today.

Mary Ann Childers: London Derry five of the 93 women in this lawsuit claiming that silicone from their implant may have harmed their children by seeping into their wombs and into their breast milk. This may be the first implant case in the nation where women are claiming harm to both themselves and their children.

Narrator: The women claim that implants caused them to have autoimmune diseases, chronic fatigue and even rashes. In their children, the implants may have caused learning disability, weak immune systems, and skin problems.

Attorney Ken Moll: What is new to this complaint, which hasn’t been tried before, is the fact that silicone can migrate to children either through women that conceived while they had the breast implants, were breastfed while they had implants, have a constant fear to look at their children and anything abnormal to say ‘oh my gosh, was it from the breast implants?

Narrator: Experts we spoke to today say it’s doubtful that elements of silicone could seep into the womb during pregnancy but there are questions about breast milk. The FDA has not determined that silicone implants are dangerous but it has severely limited their use and investigation continues.