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Elgin cityPeople who have been hurt by defective products, negligent drivers, careless property owners, reckless corporations, or incompetent doctors may struggle with medical bills, lifestyle changes, emotional trauma, and other significant and sometimes expensive consequences. In many cases, the only way that a victim can afford the toll that serious injuries take is by bringing a lawsuit to seek compensation. If you were hurt due to someone else's misconduct or negligence in the Elgin area, the personal injury attorneys at Moll Law Group can investigate your situation and represent you in a claim.

Product Liability

If you have been harmed due to a defective medical device, food, toy, or drug, among other products, you may be able to recover compensation under a theory of strict liability. This means that you will not need to show that a manufacturer failed to act with reasonable care. Instead, you will try to show that there was a defect that made the product unreasonably dangerous and that this defect was the legal cause of your injuries. Defects that may give rise to a lawsuit include flaws in design, marketing, or manufacturing.

Medical Malpractice

Doctors and nurses are required to adhere to the accepted standards and practices of the medical community, taking into account a particular patient's medical history and other characteristics. A doctor or nurse who fails to follow these standards may be liable for medical malpractice. Generally, to prevail in a medical malpractice lawsuit, plaintiffs must rely on credible experts who can testify about the elements of duty, breach, causation, and damages.

Nursing Home Abuse

Families who have put their loved ones in nursing homes should be aware that pressure sores, behavioral changes, and broken bones or fractures may be a sign of nursing home abuse. In some cases, an elderly person may be too embarrassed to admit to abuse, so it is important to investigate any suspicions that you may have. You may be able to bring a nursing home abuse lawsuit and recover compensation under the Illinois Nursing Home Care Act or by using theories of negligence or breach of contract.

Premises Liability

If you have been hurt at a business or another person's home because of a dangerous condition, you may have grounds to bring a premises liability lawsuit. For example, if you trip on a broken stair at a mall, you may be able to recover compensation. The dangerous condition must not have been open and obvious.

Automobile Accidents

You may be able to recover compensation from a negligent driver who caused a car accident in which you were hurt. Most often, you will need to show that the other driver failed to drive safely, thereby causing your injuries. In some cases, however, there may be multiple drivers at fault or another party that bears some responsibility for the accident, such as the manufacturer of a defective automobile component.

Toxic/Environmental Torts

When a corporation puts its bottom line ahead of health and safety concerns, there may be a reason to file a toxic tort lawsuit. In some cases, it takes many years for symptoms or illnesses to become apparent. For example, a factory that dumps waste into the ground without treating it may be responsible if the chemicals in the waste getting into the water supply cause illnesses to people who drink it.

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If you have been hurt because of someone’s improper conduct, you may have grounds to bring a personal injury lawsuit. Advocating for victims in the Elgin area, the personal injury lawyers at Moll Law Group are experienced advocates who can fight for your rights at every step of the process. Billions of dollars have been recovered in cases in which our firm has been involved. Call us at 312-462-1700 or complete our online form to set up a free consultation with a product liability attorney or seek representation in a personal injury claim.

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