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Fall 2016 - Finalists

Cap Graduation

'Distracted Driving' by Kassidy O'Brien

I was recently in an auto collision caused by a distracted driver. She entered a roadway without checking for oncoming traffic and drove straight into my path. The moments before the collision were terrifying as I realized there was no way to avoid impact. As I work through the physical and mental recovery, I confront the knowledge that this event didn't have to happen. It raised my awareness of distracted drivers and I've been alarmed to see how common this careless, self-absorbed trend has become...Read more »

'Swimming Pool Safety' by Caroline Laszcz

Going to the swimming pool is a summertime staple for children, teens and young adults all across the nation. Cooling off at the pool, especially in warmer and more humid areas, is an undeniably fun and refreshing way for young adults and teens to socialize while escaping the heat and humidity. What often goes unstated, however, is the importance of reinforcing swimming pool safety in young adults and teens who have been around swimming pools for years, but who don’t have a lifeguard or parent watching to make sure they swim safely... Read more »

'Cultivating Camp Safety Practices' by Sarah Kelty

Seven years of professional rescuer lifeguarding, CPR, and first aid training did not prepare me for the feeling of having a child’s life in my hands. I was a counselor at a summer camp, located on a 70-mile long lake, where I had spent all of my summers, first as a camper, and then later as a staff member... Read more »

'Distracted Driving' by Rebecca Ferra

Distracted driving do to technology is one of the major causes of accidents in our modern times, particularly texting while driving. It is known that over 2.5 million people in the U.S. are involved in car accidents each year. According to a 2012 "Distracted Driving and Roads Survey" conducted by NHTSA, 1.6 million accidents involve cellphone use. This statistic means that 64% of all the road accidents in the United States are caused by some distraction brought on by technology... Read more »

'Daycare Safety' by Mikayla Edwards

Daycare related injuries have become more familiar within the last few years. Nearly eleven million children are in child care programs around the world. Most injuries and fatalities are never fully investigated. Most parents do not even get the full story behind the injury or death. Approximately one thousand three hundred and sixty two children have resulted in death while being in a daycare facility or home care... Read more »

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Client Reviews

"He’s not afraid to take on the big companies. He has sued Ford, he has sued Merck, Bridgestone, Firestone… He’s fearless. He’s relentless." Deane Brown
"He was able to richly bless us with some medical reimbursements for losing Hope that we didn’t expect. It didn’t replace Hope, it never will replace. But it just gave us a lot of blessing." Melanie Moul
"He was there not to do something for himself, he was there to help me with my problem. And that’s what he did, he took care of it." Anne Levy
"Ken is unique among attorneys that I've worked with because as he pursues cases, he's always focused on the individuals, strategizing ways to best serve the needs of the client. He's a lawyer for people." John Galarnyk
"He’s very kind, and he’s just someone that you can really count on. Always." Michael McStraw