Lawyers to See Bil Mar Plant - Bay City Times - February 24, 1999

By: Alison Young
Bay City Times
February 24, 1999

Zeeland (AP) - Lawyers representing clients allegedly sickened or killed by Listeria-tainted meat will get a close-up look at the meat plant they contend is responsible.

Bil Mar Foods Co. will open its doors next week to a handful of lawyers who have filed lawsuits against the Ottawa County meat processor.

Chicago attorney Kenneth Moll, who represents clients in two lawsuits against Bil Mar and parent company Sara Lee Corp., said he received word Monday he would be permitted to tour the 14-acre facility next week.

Moll, who has been asking to inspect the plant since early January, said he would be allowed to take photos and video footage of Bil Mar before the company begins to remodel.

“They said they're going to give everybody around the nation who has filed a case notice that this is what they're going to do," Moll said from his Chicago office.