Leaking Breast Implants May Have Harmed Children of Pregnant Women - Unknown - December 31, 1991

December 31, 1991

A lawsuit filed this week in Cook County could be first in the nation to contend that leaking breast implants harmed the children of women who received the devices and became pregnant.

Filed on behalf of 93 Chicago-area women, the suit claims that silicone leaking from the breast implants not only harmed the women but also seeped into their wombs or their breast milk to cause health problems in their children.

The plaintiffs target 35 companies that made implants or their components and claim they have suffered a variety of ailments, including autoimmune and connective tissue diseases, chronic fatigue syndrome, rashes, lumps and burning skin.

Their attorney, Kenneth Moll, contended the suit will link the implant problems to a variety of health problems discovered in several of the women's children - including tuberculosis, learning disabilities, hives and rashes.

Some miscarriages suffered by several women with the implants also are tied to leaking implants, Moll said..