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Pre-Join for Free the Action of the Codacons for Damages Compensation Against China, for Serious Liabilities and Omissions in Contrast of the Spread Of Covid 19 - CODACONS - April 23, 2020

It would seem that unfortunately China has serious responsibilities in the spread of Covid 19, for the delayed communication and treatment of the first cases of contagion. In fact, China may have manipulated the information relating to the spread of the virus, declaring fewer victims and infected patients and failing to immediately provide adequate information on infections as well as on the real evolution of the spread of the virus.

All over the world, the various Governments are expressing significant and multiple doubts about the correct management and information provided on the virus by the Chinese Government:

- The Australian Foreign Minister Marise Payne during an interview expressly requested the launch of an international investigation to investigate the origin of the virus and its spread: ".. I think it is important and we will absolutely insist on this".

-The French President Emmanuel Macron, always with regard to the management and spread of the virus, expressed himself by claiming that "... things have happened that we do not know".

-US President Donald Trump recently declared: “.. if China is intentionally responsible for the spread of the virus, it should pay the consequences. ".

** ** **

Indeed, China could have managed all the communication and discussion of the spread of the virus earlier.

In fact, already in the period from 5 to 17 January, hundreds of Chinese patients accused symptoms compatible with the infection from CORONAVIRUS and went to hospitals not only in Wuhan but throughout the country.

In fact, it is highlighted that in Shenzhen, hundreds of kilometers from Wuhan, the team of microbiologist Yuen Kwok-Yung was able to confirm that six members of a family of seven had contracted the virus as early as January 12, 2020.

The whole "Coronavirus" affair seems to have started even on December 31, 2019 when the Chinese health authorities allegedly declared an outbreak of pneumonia cases of unknown etiology in the city of Wuhan. It would also appear that, on January 9, 2020, the China CDC (the Center for Disease Control and Prevention of China) had already clearly identified the new coronavirus, later called Covid 19, as the etiological cause of these diseases and in the circumstance it was confirmed inter-human transmission of the virus.

On 11 January 2020, the first victim of the coronavirus is confirmed: this is a 61-year-old man who died of pneumonia: China at that date declared about forty infected in the country.

On January 13, the coronavirus causes the first death outside China: a Chinese woman who had just returned from Wuhan dies in Thailand.

The coronavirus also arrives in other neighboring countries: cases of contagion are also recorded in South Korea, Japan and Australia, all infected are links with China. On January 21, the first case was registered in the USA: it is a thirty-year-old hospitalized in Everett, Washington State, also this infected one was returning from Wuhan.

On January 24, the first cases in Europe are ascertained: in France, in Bordeaux and Paris, three people are infected with the coronavirus. Unfortunately, on January 30, the first two cases ascertained also in Italy became known: they are two Chinese tourists held, in the circumstance, in isolation at Spallanzani.

On January 30, the WHO declares that the coronavirus a "global health emergency".

In mid-February, the important official magazine of the Chinese Communist Party made public the statements of President Xi Jinping on the emergency: "On January 7, I gave orders on the prevention of Coronavirus". Yet, the first official intervention of the Chinese President to speak of an "epidemic" would be made 13 days later, on January 20, when with an official communication he asked the Communist Party committees and their government bodies to "adopt adequate measures to curb the spread of the epidemic"

The 13-day delay in providing the world population with such important news as that of the spread of an even lethal virus has certainly contributed to causing the spread of the disease along with a delayed knowledge and awareness of the disease itself.

And the aforementioned responsibilities without even wanting to enter the ongoing investigation, whether Covid 19 really originated in the Wuhan Market or instead got out of control in the Wuhan Institute of Virology. This laboratory is under observation by US scientists as early as 2018 for security deficiencies, as reported by the Washington Post citing two diplomatic cables. Coronaviruses from bats and their potential transmission to humans have long been studied there. The hypothesis was recently re-launched by the American media, but also without wanting to considering this possibility, the responsibilities of the Chinese authorities in this affair are enormous.

** ** **

Codacons, together with the American law firm Kenneth B. Moll, leader in class actions for the compensation of damage to health and for the protection of the rights of citizens damaged by state non-compliance, has decided to investigate the possible responsibilities of China in the spread of the pandemic of Covid19, and is considering the initiation of a claim for damages for all Italian citizens damaged against China, in Italy or in the United States.

Three categories of Codacons can pre-join this action:

  • 1) All people, businesses and companies blocked by the lockdown, to comply with the relevant legislation issued by the Government, in particular the DPCM 9/2020 and subsequent regulations and additions, by clicking here;
  • 2) All people infected with Covid 19, by clicking here;
  • 3) All relatives of people who died due to Covid 19, by clicking here.

Pre-accession does not involve any expense or commitment, and entitles you to be informed about the development of the action and to be contacted later in order to participate in the same, under the conditions and methods that will be subsequently indicated.

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