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When you buy an appliance, you may assume that it is safe. Similarly, when you visit the doctor, you are likely to trust the doctor's advice and treatment. However, many individuals are injured each day due to dangerously defective products, automobile accidents, dangerous property conditions, nursing home abuse, toxic torts, and medical malpractice. Often, the only way for victims to afford medical costs, time off work, and other injury-related costs is to bring a lawsuit. If you have been hurt in an accident in Springfield, the experienced personal injury lawyers at Moll Law Group are ready to help you seek compensation.

Product Liability

In Illinois, consumers may sue manufacturers for defective toys, auto parts, food, medical devices, or pharmaceuticals under a theory of strict liability. This allows an injured person to obtain compensation without regard to traditional questions about a manufacturer's duty of care or privity.

To recover compensation for a product defect under a strict liability theory, you would need to establish that the product that harmed you was in a dangerous condition as manufactured or sold by the defendant, and it was also in that condition when it reached you. One way that you may be able to show that the product was unreasonably dangerous is by using direct or circumstantial evidence that you did not use the product abnormally and that there were no other possible causes of your injuries. In cases involving defective medical devices and dangerous drugs, there may be issues regarding the warnings and instructions that were provided by your doctor, and whether those were followed.

Medical Malpractice

Most people trust their doctors to use the appropriate care in their treatment. If a doctor does not follow the accepted practices and standards of the medical community, the consequences may be devastating. In a potential medical malpractice case, we will need to retain an expert to explain how the care that you received was inadequate.

Nursing Home Abuse

Families should be aware of the vulnerability of their elderly loved ones in a nursing home. These facilities are often understaffed, and staff may not be well trained in what a resident’s rights are. If you or a loved one is harmed due to abuse or neglect, we may be able to sue the nursing home under the Illinois Nursing Home Care Act.

Premises Liability

When you visit someone else's property, you do not expect to be hurt. Property owners are required to use reasonable care in maintaining their property and providing warnings to visitors about any dangerous conditions. In order to recover compensation for a slip and fall or a dangerous property condition, we will need to establish the owner's actual or constructive notice of the dangerous condition.

Automobile Accidents

All drivers are required to use reasonable care when driving. A failure to use reasonable care, such as by texting while driving or driving while fatigued, may result in a car accident. Our firm can help you seek compensation after a car accident if the crash was someone else's fault.

Toxic/Environmental Torts

Corporations sometimes engage in practices that have harmful effects for the community around them. For example, some farms spray pesticides openly, without trying to protect the water and air from being contaminated. If your neighbors and you developed serious illnesses due to chemical exposure, it may be appropriate to bring a toxic tort case to pursue compensation.

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If you have been harmed by negligence or misconduct in Springfield, our personal injury attorneys can assist you in bringing a lawsuit for damages. Billions of dollars have been recovered in cases in which Moll Law Group has been involved. Call us at 312-462-1700 or complete our online form for a free consultation with a personal injury or product liability attorney.

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