Transcript - Automobiles

Last year there were almost 18,000,000 vehicle recalls. Ford, Chrysler, General Motors, Toyota and Honda rounded out the top five on that list. According to the National Highway Traffic Administration, there were more recalls in 2012 than the entire number of vehicles sold that year. Though many accidents are caused by negligent drivers, often times accidents are the result of vehicle defects. Rollovers, defective tires, faulty seat belts and air bags are just some of the defects that have caused debilitating injuries and deaths. Most, if not all products liability cases are preventable if companies would simply take action sooner to remove the product and warn consumers of possible defects. Historically, litigation and the civil justice system have been the only force to consistently increase safety standards, reveal concealed defects and deter manufacturers from cutting corners on safety to increase their profits. As a result of the litigation in which my firms were involved, defective products were removed from the market and stricter laws and regulations were created to hold companies accountable for their actions to prevent future injuries and save lives. If you have a case and would like a prompt and confidential evaluation, please complete and submit our free consultation form. For free consumer safety information and case updates, visit us at