Transcript - Bextra - ABC 7 News - April 07, 2005

ABC 7 News at 4:00 PM
April 7, 2005
39:30 - 40:36

Linda Yu: Other news now, a worldwide class-action lawsuit has been filed in Chicago today against pharmaceutical giant, Pfizer, and its recently polled pain killer Bextra. This lawsuit accuses Pfizer of failing to warn consumers against the potential fatal risks of the anti-inflammatory drug. It also contends that Pfizer refused to take Bextra off the market despite knowing about the dangers. This lawsuit seeks compensation for hundreds of patients and calls for a monitoring fund that would innate people to receive testing for medical problems brought on by use of that drug. Kenneth Moll and Associates filed that lawsuit.

Ken Moll: …derivative heart attack, stroke, pulmonary embolism, death. I think we have surpassed that line of any effect that taking away pain can kill you, I think is unacceptable.

Linda Yu: Pfizer pulled Bextra off the market last Thursday after The Food and Drug Administration said that that medication posed a risk of rare but life threatening skin reactions.