Transcript - Bextra - Health Watch Now NBC 5 - April 11, 2005

NBC 5 News
April 11, 2005

Reporter: In Health Watch now Chicago Attorneys filed what could become a million dollar lawsuit against the makers of the arthritis drug, Bextra.

Ken Moll: The class action seeks compensation for those that were injured or died from Bextra, Worldwide.

Reporter: Attorney, Kenneth Moll, expects thousands of former Bextra users to join his class action lawsuit against Pfizer pharmaceuticals. Bextra was pulled off the market last week after being associated with heart attacks, strokes, and a skin disease. Last fall a similar drug, Vioxx, was also removed from store shelves. Moll's attorneys say one of their clients is 50 year old Margaret Sergo from north suburban Island Lake, who suffered a heart attack and a skin rash.

Sarah Bullard: She had a horrible rash on her hands. Her skin on her hands turned raw and kind of flaked off and she had to be prescribed a medication by her doctor.

Reporter: Late this afternoon, Pfizer told NBC 5 that the Bextra label includes warnings about the rashes, which it says are rare, and it says lawyers will be very challenged to establish a link between Bextra and heart attacks and strokes.