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Transcript - Bextra Lawsuit - CLTV News - April 11, 2005

Bextra Lawsuit
April 11, 2005 4:43PM

Broadcaster: A lawsuit was filed today against the drug maker Pfizer that’s the company that makes the now pulled pain reliever Bextra. It was removed from the market last week after it was linked against heart attacks and serious and sometimes fatal skin reactions. Let’s talk to Ken Moll he is the Senior Partner of the law firm Kenneth Moll and Associates. State the plaintiff’s basic claim here sir.

Attorney Kenneth Moll: Well we have five plaintiffs from various states, including one in Illinois complaining of heart attack, pulmonary embolism, and skin reactions.

Broadcaster: The claim you are making against Pfizer.

Attorney Ken Moll: Well we have a nation, a world-wide class action lawsuit against Pfizer for all users of Bextra. We have them in two different categories, those that suffer serious injuries or died from Bextra. We’re seeking compensation for their injuries. The other class of individuals took it and want funding to get medically tested or seek a consultation from a physician to see if they have symptoms that may lead to injuries or death in the future.

Broadcaster: Now, the other products under this class 2 inhibitor label are Vioxx and Celebrex. Vioxx has been pulled by Merck. There is also Celebrex which is still in the market but has a much more sterner warning now required on the label. Are you making a similar claim against Merck in this whole case?

Attorney Kenneth Moll: What we filed last October, a world-wide class action against Merck, with respect to their Vioxx which was pulled from the market in September. We represent over $6,000 clients from around the world in 54 different countries. Just recently, the FDA panel met in February and said all cox II inhibitors, unanimously, a unanimous vote, 32 to nothing, can cause serious heart attacks, pulmonary embolism, stroke, and skin reactions.

Broadcaster: What is it you’re claiming specifically that the companies did or did not do?

Attorney Kenneth Moll: Well, they knew that this, cox II selective inhibitors, could cause heart attacks and serious injuries. Failed to warn consumers, which the FDA is now requiring them to do with a black box warning which is the most severe warning they can give. But I think what’s more important is what the FDA did last Thursday. They said all NSADs, Non-Stridal Anti-Inflammatory drugs must contain this black box warning. That includes ibuprofen, proxim, aleve, advil, motrin, it’s a class effect is what they’re saying. 

Broadcaster: You’re saying this validates your basic claim?

Attorney Kenneth Moll: That is correct

Broadcaster: Alright, Ken Moll, thank you very much sir.

Attorney Ken Moll: Thank you.

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