Transcript - Birth Injuries

Hospital deliveries are the most popular method chosen by parents in the United States today. In fact 98% of babies are born in hospitals because many expecting parents feel it's safe. Sadly though, over 114,000 injuries occur to mothers and newborns every year during delivery. The misuse of forceps or birthing vacuums, and delaying c-sections during birthing procedures can lead to brain injuries and cause permanent disabilities. Many injuries are actually the direct result of unnecessary doctor interference. Severe labor pain and sadly even staff shortages are factors that contribute to doctors' decisions to rush the natural birthing process. Too often, this leads to birth complications like dystocia and injuries like cerebral palsy. Our goal at Moll Law Group is to help prevent unnecessary birth injuries and deaths by informing parents of the risks associated with the various birthing options. If you have a case and would like a prompt and confidential evaluation, please complete and submit our free consultation form. For free consumer safety information and case updates, visit us at