Transcript - Child Safety

Since 1974 the Consumer Product Safety Commission has recalled over 850 toy products and in 2007 alone 45 million toys had to be recalled. No parent would knowingly expose their child to deadly chemicals or hazardous toys. Often times the dangers are unforeseen, like button batteries and magnets, and other times the hazards are undetectable, like cadmium, asbestos and other carcinogens, including lead. In fact, lead is the second most deadly household toxin in existence and no level of exposure is safe. Yet, every holiday season is marked by incidences of children being sickened by lead-tainted toys. One study found a third of all tested toys contained lead, many with levels far above the federal recall standard used for lead paint. It is the sole responsibility of the manufacturers to warn us of the potential hazards of their toys, yet the average time between the initial discovery of a danger and when the public is notified can be almost four years! In that time 750,000 innocent children could have been spared emergency room visits. It is unacceptable that the companies who make and distribute defective products for our children knowingly hide this life-saving information for as long as possible. Our goal at Moll Law Group is to protect children from dangerous products made by companies that care more about profits than safety and quickly identifying dangerous products, informing the public, and having them removed to prevent injuries and save lives. If you have a case and would like a prompt and confidential evaluation, please complete and submit our free consultation form. For free consumer safety information and case updates, visit us at