Transcript - Depuy - ASR Metal on Metal Hip Implants Settlement

Metal on metal hip implants are one of the largest medical device failures in U.S. history. Implanted in over 100,000 U.S. citizens, there have been almost 17,000 reported problems with the devices. Total Hip Replacement, recommended for patients suffering from severe arthritis, can dramatically relieve pain and improve function and range of motion.

Artificial hips, such as those made by Depuy Orthepedics, specifically their Articular Surface Replacement Devices, or "ASR's" last about 15-years before replacement is required. However, a National Joint Registry found ASR metal on metal hip implants to have a 40% failure rate within five years of implantation. An estimated 8,000 patients have had their ASR hip replacements removed. Those patients have had to undergo painful operations due to complications caused by the device such as: dislocations, severe pain and injury from metallic debris generated by the device, and even cobalt or chromium poisoning from debris breaking off into the bloodstream.

Johnson & Johnson, the company that owns Depuy Orthepedics, has agreed to a multi-billion dollar deal to settle nearly 12,000 claims. If you received an ASR implant, had that implant in for 180 days and have undergone surgery to remove the cup of the ASR implant on or before August 31, 2013, you may be eligible to participate in this settlement. Others may still be eligible to file claims.

It is recommended that all recipients of metal on metal hip implants get a blood test to determine if their cobalt or chromium levels are elevated, which may be the best indicator of hip implant failure.

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