Transcript - Desnick Class Action - Channel 32 Fox News - September 16, 1996

Desnick Class Action
Channel 32 News
September 16, 1996

28:40 - 29:33

Robin Robinson: A class action lawsuit has been filed against Dr. James Desnick and the Desnick Eye Care Center. The suit claims fifty-two doctors performed unnecessary operations on hundreds of thousands of patients. The suit also says that the center's ads were false and misleading. Anyone treated by the center since 1984 is included in this lawsuit. The lawyer says the doctor sent a threatening memo to his staff at Desnick Eye Center telling them to perform four hundred operations a month or else.

Kenneth B. Moll: If they don't they could be fired. That right there is unethical, that right there is telling the public that this guy will go to any steps to guarantee that he makes a certain amount of money a month.

R. Robinson: Last year Dr. Desnick's license was revoked for two years. He still owns and operates the business, Desnick has not been available for comment.