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Transcript - Fen-Phen Diet Drug Lawsuit - Jenny Jones Show - December 10, 1997

Jenny Jones
December 10, 1997

Whole Show: 01:37 - 1:01:05

Excerpt with Ken: 58:48 - 1:01:05

Jenny Jones: Ken Moll is with us. You were here in another show, you were here a long time ago about a breast implant show. He's an attorney and you're now involved in a class action lawsuit.

Kenneth B. Moll: That's correct.

J. Jones: Against the manufacturers of Fen-phen

K. Moll: That's correct. There's a nationwide class action lawsuit filed against the manufacturers which has as it's class members everyone that has taken Fen-Phen. The purpose of the class is two-fold, is one is notice and warning to those that have used it, don't use it, it's a deadly drug. Number two, learn about the high incidence of side affect that people are having.

J. Jones: What are some of those side affects in case people watching are still taking this drug or want it.

K. Moll: Well, there are heart problems and pulmonary problems. It's regurgitation. The heart has to work harder to get the blood through the lungs and through the rest of the body, causing heart attacks and death.

J. Jones: You did a class action lawsuit with breast implants, trust me, I didn't know either when I had implants cause the doctors didn't tell me and they, I believe they're very dangerous and I think there should have been a class action suit and, the testers now, they're going to start doing tests now, now that they see some of the symptoms.

K. Moll: That's correct.

J. Jones: What you think . . .

K. Moll: What you have to . . .

J. Jones: Let him talk, let him talk

K. Moll: I heard a couple, I heard a couple of the figures that were brought up before, those are early figures, those are what the manufacturers want to you to know. There are figures coming out, 4 or 5 deaths, that's alarmingly higher, it's in the hundreds if not thousands by now.

J. Jones: Hundreds of deaths?

K. Moll: Correct. And when you're talking about the incidents of adverse reactions we're talking 30% of people that show no outward symptoms, have heart damage, that are positive, these are positive testing echocardiograms.

J. Jones: That's what I wanted to ask you, what do say to women who are taking it and say 'I feel fine'?

K. Moll: That's fine. The good news is 70% of the people that are taking Fen-Phen, like we've heard up here are having no problems.

J. Jones: But 30%. . .

K. Moll: But 30% that have no outward symptoms whatsoever, internally are having positive heart damage.

J. Jones: Alright, let's leave it with that. The fact is based on, and I read the same thing in Time magazine, that means the chances, if you're taking Fen-Phen, your chances are 1 in 3 of having a problem. That's a reason to stop. Thank you all very much. Thank you.

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