Transcript - Fen-Phen Diet Drugs Litigation - CLTV News - September 23, 1997

September 23, 1997

04:22 - 05:09

Greg Prather: Four Chicago's area women are taking the makers of fen-phen to court. It's been one week since the prescription diet drug was pulled off the market. That, after studies linked the drug to heart problems. The class action suit filed Tuesday seeks monetary damages, payment for heart monitoring and patient updates on any new findings. The suit also alleges the pharmaceutical companies knew about the drugs dangers.

Kenneth B. Moll: They should have warned the patients. They should have at least warned the doctors to tell their patients that the side effects are real. Now these side effects are not just symptoms these are life threatening side effects that these people are having.

G. Prather: Similar suits have already been filed in New York, Utah, Colorado, Hawaii and California.