Transcript - Ford TFI Litigation - ABC 7 News - October 13, 2000

Ford TFI Litigation
ABC 7 News
October 13, 2000
10:00 P.M.

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Reporter: A class-action lawsuit is filed here in Chicago seeking the recall of some 23 million Ford vehicles. The suit claims the cars have faulty ignition modules, which make the vehicles prone to stalling unexpectedly. The plaintiff, a Chicago resident, claims he was mugged and shot when his 1989 Ford Mustang stalled in an unfamiliar neighborhood.

Ken Moll: What we're seeking in this class-action is a nationwide recall. Which there are about 23 million automobiles that contain these ignition switches. This would be the biggest recall in United States history.

Reporter: The suit alleges Ford concealed the problem from the public and federal regulators. Ford officials say they have not found a single accident attributed to the alleged ignition problem.