Transcript - Friend and Counsel

Richard Levy: We ran into a very major legal problem dealing with money and a contract and that required us to get in touch with our favorite lawyer, Ken Moll. We waited till we were halfway through our dinner at one of the best seafood restaurants in Chicago and then Anne looked at me, and I looked at Ken, and I said, “Ken, we need to talk business for a little bit.” And he said, “What’s going on?” And we gave him the ABCs of what’s going on.

Anne Levy: He clicked into lawyer mode and he was like, he was there. He was on point, and he took care of everything. He said, “What do you need?” And he was willing, he was there not to do something for himself, he was there to help me with my problem. And that’s what he did, he took care of it.

Richard: It was due to the foresight, the self-confidence, the knowledge of the law and the personality of Ken Moll.

Anne: I get choked up, because I really think he’s probably one of the most sincere people I’ve ever met.