Transcript - Guidant Ancure Litigation - CLTV News - June 24, 2003

Guidant Ancure Device
Chicago, IL
June 24, 2003
5:00 AM

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Reporter: A device used to treat aortic anurisms is the subject of a worldwide class-action lawsuit. A Chicago law firm says the Ancure Endograph System, or Ancure Device, is connected to at least twenty-eight deaths across the country. Attorneys say the device was used on anurism patients to create an alternate passageway for blood to travel inside the weakened hearts. The lawsuit accuses the company, Endovascular Technologies, of knowing the product was defective and not doing anything about it.

Ken Moll: Needless amounts of deaths and adverse reactions occurred as a result of these medical devices. They were fraudulently concealed from the public, and from the physicians. As a result of which needless deaths and many adverse reactions occurred. Reporter: Earlier this month the company reached a settlement with the Department of Justice agreeing to pay more than ninety million dollars in damages. It also plead guilty to ten felony counts in connection with the device. CLTV was unable to reach the company for specific comment on this story.