Transcript - Mirena IUD Spontaneous Migration

Mirena IUD, a long-term intrauterine contraceptive device has been reported to spontaneously migrate outside of the uterus, resulting in serious complications. The Mirena IUD is that is designed to last up to five years, providing contraception with minimal effort from the patient.

The FDA has come down on Bayer Pharmaceuticals, the manufacturer of Mirena, for misleading marketing tactics overstating Mirena's benefits and minimizing its risks. Mirena is used by more than 2 million women. Over 70,000 complaints have been reported with the device since its release in 2000. Specifically, over 4,000 women nationwide have been affected by the migration of their Mirena IUD long after it was implanted. This occurs when the IUD spontaneously slices through a woman's uterus and travels into her abdomen. Such side effects of this migration can include perforation of the uterus, pelvic inflammatory disease, ectopic pregnancy and in the most extreme cases, painful surgeries and hysterectomy.

Bayer is currently faced with over 700-lawsuits on behalf of young women who are claiming they suffered serious Mirena side effects after the device migrated following its correct placement in the uterus.

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