Transcript - Professional and Passionate

Deane Brown: Ken is an excellent lawyer, he is a smart, devoted lawyer, and a very passionate lawyer.

John Galarnyk: He’s incredibly prepared. He’s not going to be out-worked by anyone. He’s going to know more about the case earlier than a lot of other lawyers who are not going to devote that kind of time early on. I think he understands that you have to invest early in the case to really understand it. And he's got clients who are relying upon him for their life.

Mitra Kalelkar, M.D.: As a lawyer, I think he’s very professional. // And I think he researches his cases very well, too.

Brian Cole M. D.: He’s extremely bright, he’s very ethical. You can imagine that as a physician and surgeon, when a plaintiff attorney shows up that’s not always a good day, so Ken represents someone in the legal profession who I respect very much. He’s conscientious, he’s extremely hard working, and he really has a big picture in mind, which is not something I can say for everyone I meet in the same space.

John: He’s taking on very big issues that affect lots of people. To find someone who’s able to do those kinds of cases, that kind of legal work, as important as it is because it affects so many people, I think it’s critical that they know his history, that they know his successes.

Joseph F. Henderson: Ken is unique among attorneys that I've worked with because as he pursues cases, he's always focused on the individuals, strategizing ways to best serve the needs of the client. He's a lawyer for people.

Deane: He has a drive unlike most lawyers I’ve ever known. He’s incredibly successful and he was so at a very young stage in his career, more so than most lawyers. And I think a lot of that is because he’s fearless, he’s not afraid to be the first to file a worldwide class action. He’s not afraid to take on the big companies, and some lawyers are intimidated by that, but he is not.