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Transcript - Silicone Gel Breast Implants - Jenny Jones Show - December 21, 1993

Silicone Gel Breast Implant Litigation
The Jenny Jones Show
December 21, 1993

Whole Show: 00:05 - 1:01:17 Ken: 58:22 - 1:01:17

Jenny Jones: We have an attorney coming on in just a moment, we'll talk about that $4.75 billion settlement from Dow Corning as well in a moment.

Ken Moll is an attorney and he's more or less an expert on the insurance and also on the settlement from Dow Corning, but my first question to you Ken is what does a woman do cause I hear this, they call me and they write to me and they say that they have a problem they want their implants out and their insurance does not cover it. What can they do?

Kenneth B. Moll: There are certain states that offer a risk pooling insurance where they will cover woman that are at high risk for insurance but it costs a lot more.

J. Jones: It's expensive.

K. Moll: The proposed settlement will offer women compensation for example, as you said it was a 4.75 billion dollar settlement, it's more than just Dow Corning, it's a global settlement with all the manufacturers, first of all, and it will for example, women can receive compensation if they want to have their implants removed and can't afford it, want to see a doctor because they're having adverse reactions, they can't afford to see a doctor and women who have had implants, and are not having adverse reactions, either had a rupture or don't have a rupture, most importantly and lastly, there's the disease compensation program where will women will receive between $200,000 and $2 million . . .

- commotion -

J. Jones: You know what . . . .

K. Moll: For, ok what you're saying is. . .

J. Jones: I will tell you Ken that . . .there was a lot of debate about this, you know there are people who think it's a good thing and some that do not think it's good but we want at least for the women to be aware. We asked you to come out because we feel that we owe them some kind information on this even though, it's definitely up for disagreement whether it's good or not. The one good thing that I'm aware of is that you do not have to prove that whatever illness you have is related to the implants. If you have the illness, and you've had an implant, you're covered, right by this.

K. Moll: Absolutely.

J. Jones: By this suit that's one of the good things.

K. Moll: But, yeah I know, but there are some problems, women think there's not enough funding, that there disease is not enumerated or listed, but . . .

J. Jones: Yeah a lot of women think it's not enough funding

K. Moll: Those women can opt out of the program, proceed with their lawsuit especially if they don't think it's enough money for them or if they do not have one of the enumerated diseases.

J. Jones: You're saying they're false figures . . . no this has yet to be . . . you want to respond to that. I didn't realize that most people would be disagreeing with you. That the figures are deceiving and they're false.

K. Moll: No, there are seven listed diseases, if you have it, you would receive between $200,000 to $2 million based upon the severity of the disease and based upon your age. I think your concern is that most women would fall within the lower category.

J. Jones: What's the reality, how much could a woman actually get if she . . .

K. Moll: If she has the most severe disease?

J. Jones: Any woman can just apply for this, I mean, if you've never been, if you've never sued any doctor or . . .

K. Moll: But if they're not happy with what they're going to get they can opt out and proceed with their lawsuit

J. Jones: You know what, we're going to be in trouble, we're going to take a break right now and we'll be right back.

Ok, if you still have questions, I wish we had 3 more hours, we never have enough time, this is a book, written by Patty Cher, here it's called the untold truth, it's available by writing to P. O. Box, Charlotte, North Carolina 28221. There's also a book called the 'Silicone Breast Implant Controversy' written by Frank Vasey, who's a rheumatologist. There's some great information in here, I want to thank you all very very much, and if I can just give you one personal piece of information. I've been there too eventually you're gonna have problems, please read the inserts, please get the books, please get informed. Thank you all very, very much.

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