Transcript - Silicone Gel Breast Implants - Jenny Jones Show - February 27, 1992

Silicone Gel Breast Implant Litigation
The Jenny Jones Show
February 27, 1992

Whole Show: 06:12 - 57:40
Ken: 44:55 - 50:25

Roxanne Guy, M.D. (Plastic Surgeon): I have no idea where that came from, God I have never seen an implant like that in my life.

Jenny Jones: Who brought this in, did you bring this in [implant]?

R. Guy: A lawyer.

J. Jones: A lawyer brought it in!

Kenneth B. Moll: I got this from a plastic surgeon, and this is how thin they are making them and the silicone bleeds right through it, what the women have to realize is you can't go to a plastic surgeon to find out what's wrong with the implant, you have to go to the manufacturer. And as Sybil brought up earlier, they were found fraudulent in a court of law.

J. Jones: By a jury.

K. Moll: The ones that saw the documents, the plastic surgeons are operating in the blind, they haven't seen the documents that we've seen that the jury did see and that what the public is now being able to see.

R. Guy: In fact the plastic surgeons did see the documents. The 90 documents that they asked for from Dow Corning.

K. Moll: Dow Corning's just released 800 documents that you've never seen before and there's a lot more . . .

R. Guy: There's a silicone implant research committee . . .

K. Moll: I have 4 crate-fulls of documents and I . . .

R. Guy: There's a silicone implant research committee that has looked at those documents and they have agreed with the FDA panel in saying that they can find no scientific link between immune disease and silicone.

J. Jones: We'll be right back.