Transcript - Tremendous Hope

Melanie Moul: I was pregnant. We were very excited about our first baby. I was six months along, and I developed a very high fever. At first thinking it was flu and quickly realized that there was something wrong, they hospitalized me and tried to decide what was going on, and at some point it became either my life or the baby’s life. And Hope was born and tried to live for 10 minutes and died from listeriosis.

I read the article and it mentioned about listeria and about Ken discovering that some companies were having bad meat products or tampered food. Ken was, for being a lawyer, I guess in your mind you think all things, but he was so warm and inviting.

He sent me so many phenomenal articles on what happened to us with Hope, that I just read up about what I was lacking knowledge-wise, and I found out that they did not report this for three weeks, and prior to that we could have probably saved Hope with just, not even that much medication, and I just got really ticked. They wanted to gain money instead of taking care of human life and that just… I just joined into the fight, and Ken and I started to fight.

He was just very, very taken back that we lost something very precious to us. And he just got that and that just made me feel like the fight was passionate, if that makes sense, and compassionate, and I just enjoyed being side by side with someone so caring.

He gave us tremendous hope that we could get righted for a wrong and he… I think he gave a spanking to that company if that makes sense. I think he really woke us up to what is lacking in our country about moral care. And then he was able to richly bless us with some medical reimbursements for losing Hope that we didn’t expect and just gave us such a blessing in that area. It didn’t replace Hope, it never will replace. But it just gave us a lot of blessing.