Transcript - Truck Injuries

Trucks account for 500,000 transportation accidents and approximately 5,000 deaths every year. They kill nearly three times more people than aviation, boating, and railroad accidents combined. Unfortunately, that number is rising. The trucking industry has routinely put profits over the safety of its employees and other drivers. Like in 2009, when a 76-year-old truck driver killed 10 people in Oklahoma when his 40,000 pound rig crashed into several cars that had slowed for a previous minor collision. The driver was operating on only five hours of sleep; he never even applied his brakes. Long hours, combined with incentives for fast delivery, have led to thousands of unnecessary deaths and injuries each year. Even worse, trucking companies continue to rule out new technologies like forward collision warning systems, roll stability controls, and lane departure warning systems because of the cost, even though they know these safety measures could prevent up to 30,000 crashes every year. At Moll Law Group, our goal is to prevent trucking accidents by advocating for stricter regulations and higher safety standards to put a stop to needless injuries and save lives. If you have a truck accident case and would like a prompt and confidential evaluation from a Moll Law Group lawyer, please complete and submit our free consultation form. For free consumer safety information and case updates, visit us at