Transcript - What is Products Liability?

It seems that every day unsafe products are being taken off the market. Browse through the Consumer Product Safety Commission website and you will see lists of new recalls from spinach to pacemakers - automobiles to prescription drugs. Or worse, read the reports from the CDC, and they will say that each year approximately 114 children younger than five die from defective cribs, playpens, bath seats, car seats, and nursery products. From manufacturers all the way down to the stores in which you buy these products, each has a responsibility for making sure the items you purchase are safe. Simple as that. When companies manufacture defective products or choose not to warn consumers of known but hidden dangers we step in. At Moll Law Group our goal is to identify dangerous products and have them removed from the market to prevent injuries and save lives. If you have a case and would like a prompt and confidential evaluation, please complete and submit our free consultation form. For free consumer safety information and case updates, visit us at