Transcript - Wishard Hospital's Krannet Institute Being Sued - WISH-TV 8 News - January 21, 1997

WISH-TV 8 News
Indianapolis, Indiana
January 21, 1997
11:00 P.M

Anchorwoman: Some former employees at Wishard Hospital's Krannert Institute say the buildings made them sick so they're filing a lawsuit. Their attorney says that Krannert building suffers from what's called sick building syndrome and that mold in the ventilation system is the source. Erna Martin who worked at the Institute for over 10 years says that she's developed serious health problems.

Erna Martin (client of Kenneth B. Moll & Associates, Ltd): I don't enjoy my grandchildren, because I can't go to any soccer games, baseball games, I can't go to anything like that. I can't even go to church to see them confirmed because of the flowers and the perfumes smell and it sends me into an attack

Anchorwoman: The group's attorney says Wishard's is conducting its own investigation and has hired people to clean the system.