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$1.5M Settlement Reached with Bayer in Birth Control Pill Case

Moll Law Group and Bayer have entered into a business-962358_1920settlement agreement under which Moll Law Group agreed to dismiss with prejudice the pending litigation on behalf of its client in The United States District Court of and for the Southern District of Illinois. Pursuant to the terms of the settlement, Bayer agrees to pay the Plaintiff $1.5M and holds no admission of liability or wrongdoing of any position whatsoever in connection with any matters relating to Plaintiff’s alleged use of Ocella or otherwise.

The case involves a young woman who consumed the birth control pill, Ocella, manufactured by Bayer. In 2011, the young woman was 23-years and was a first time birth control user. Within weeks of her Ocella use, Plaintiff began experiencing problems that led to surgeries and partial loss of vision. The complaint, filed in 2013, states that the Plaintiff was prescribed Ocella and suffered injury including, but not limited to, loss of vision, blood clotting and various brain traumas that required continuous surgery.

Ocella is an oral birth control medication with a combination of 2 hormones: an estrogen (ethinyl estradiol) and a progestin (drospirenone). The complaint cites studies that suggest drospirenone is a diuretic that can cause an increase in potassium levels in the blood. This can lead to a condition known as hyperkalemia (elevated blood potassium levels). Hyperkalemia can cause heart rhythm disturbances, such as extra systolies, pauses or bradycardia. If left untreated, hyperkalemia can be fatal. If hyperkalemia disrupts the normal heart rhythms, the flow of blood through the heart can be slowed to the point that it permits blood clots to form. Blood clots in the heart can lead to heart attacks, or the clots can break off and travel to the lungs where they can cause pulmonary embolism, or can travel to the legs where it can cause deep vein thrombosis, or it can travel to the brain causing a stroke.

The complaint alleges that Bayer knew or should have known that the use of Yaz, Yasmin or Ocella created an increased risk to consumers of serious personal injury, including severe blood clotting, deep vein thrombosis, pulmonary embolism, heart attacks and even death. Furthermore the complaint also alleges, despite the fact that defendants knew or should have known the health risks associated with the use of Yaz, Yasmin or Ocella, Bayer failed to warn Plaintiff and/or her health care providers of said serious risks before she used the product.

The plaintiff’s chronic cerebral venous sinus thrombosis resulting in partial loss of vision in both eyes have left her unable to resume her position as en embroiderer. Plaintiff is unable to view past approximately 6-inches in any direction and requires special care.

Over 11,000 lawsuits were filed and settled on behalf of women who claimed they were injured from their use of Yaz, Yasmin, Ocella and Gianvi, manufactured by Bayer. This settlement is one of the highest awarded settlements of the settled cases nationwide.

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