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Class Action Lawsuit Filed Against Royal Caribbean After Stormy Cruise

A class action is a type of lawsuit in which an individual or individuals sue on behalf of a larger group of persons. This larger group is referred to as “the class.” In order to bring a class action lawsuit, the issues in dispute must be shared by all of the individuals in the class, and the number of individuals affected has to make it impractical to litigate each case individually. Some examples of class action lawsuits are those brought by consumers for defective products, by patients prescribed a drug with side effects that were not disclosed, and by individuals whose communications were recorded without their knowledge.

Class action lawsuits are intended to allow individuals to receive compensation for acts committed by large, powerful companies, since the individuals may not have the means to bring a claim on their own. The lawsuits also allow the defendant to defend one lawsuit rather than defending a number of smaller, separate lawsuits.

Class Action Lawsuit Against Royal Caribbean

A recent class action lawsuit was filed against Royal Caribbean after passengers’ dreams of an idyllic cruise turned into a nightmare. According to a news source, passengers on the cruise expected to go on a seven-day cruise from New Jersey to the Bahamas and back. However, after three days, the ship came back after enduring severe weather with 125-mile-per-hour winds and 30-foot-high waves. For about 12 hours, passengers were required to stay in their rooms. Some said they had to hold onto their beds or other items to keep from falling. According to some passengers, furniture was knocked over, there was broken glass across the ship, and water rushed through areas of the ship. At least 4,000 passengers were on the cruise. Passengers were given a refund and a certificate for half off a future cruise. The company said the storm was much worse than expected.

One passenger from the ship recently filed a personal injury case against Royal Caribbean in federal court. The lawsuit alleges that Royal Caribbean knew or should have known of warnings of hurricane-level winds in the Atlantic Ocean before the cruise ship set sail in early February. The lawsuit references forecasts from the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration’s Ocean Prediction Center. These forecasts discussed that storm-force winds were possible along the coast of North Carolina on February 7. The agency also issued a storm warning for the area. The lawsuit alleges gross negligence on the part of Royal Caribbean and seeks damages for emotional and psychological stress.

Do You Want to Learn More About Filing a Class Action Lawsuit?

Class action lawsuits entail a number of unique considerations, including which class member should file a claim on behalf of the rest of the class, where to file, and when. The Chicago attorneys at Moll Law Group are here to help you assess your claim and understand how to move forward with your case. If you want to learn more about filing a class action lawsuit, call us at 312-462-1700 or fill out our contact form to arrange a free initial consultation.

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