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FDA Issues Safety Alert for Wen Brand Hair Conditioner Product Associated with Severe Hair Loss

The U.S. Food and Drug Administration has recently issued a safety alert for Wen hair conditioner products. According to the federal agency, these products may result in severe breakage, balding, rashes, itching, and hair loss. The products are the subject of ongoing litigation that was commenced in 2014 through a class action lawsuit. The low-lather conditioners, which were developed by celebrity stylist Chaz Dean, have been the subject of over 127 FDA complaints from consumers.

According to the safety alert, this issue constitutes the most reported adverse event associated with a hair product. In addition to the 127 complaints sent to the FDA, roughly 21,000 complaints were delivered to Chaz Dean, Inc., by consumers who used the product and experienced negative consequences.

The FDA safety alert states that the reason behind the adverse side effects is unknown and that the company that makes Wen cleansing conditioner products has been asked to provide data that could help the consumer safety agency determine the issue. There are a variety of ingredients in the products, many of which are harmless. Chamomile, aloe vera, soy protein, and almond oil are examples. A few ingredients are not as benign, like methylisothiazolinone and methlchloroisothiazolinone. Both of these preservatives have been associated with eye, skin, and lung irritations. The Environmental Working Group prepared a report about the side effects and dangers associated with these preservatives.

If you have been injured as a result of using a defective consumer product, you can bring a product liability lawsuit against the product manufacturer to pursue compensation for your damages and injuries. One way to seek compensation in this type of case is to show that the manufacturer failed to design the product in a reasonably safe manner, if the plaintiff can illustrate that there is an alternative design that is just as effective while not imposing any substantially higher burdens on manufacturing or marketing the product. The plaintiff may also prevail by showing that the defendant did not provide sufficient warnings with the product. This may be particularly applicable in this instance. It could be the case that Wen failed to include warnings regarding the likely potential side effects associated with the product.

Plaintiffs can also bring a negligence claim against the manufacturer. This requires showing that the defendant owed the plaintiff a duty to use reasonable care in the design, manufacture, marketing, and provision of safety warnings regarding the product. If the defendant fails to comport with any of these duties, the plaintiff likely can recover damages.

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