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Girl Sues After Suffering a Serious Injury While Boarding a Chicago Bus

According to a news report, a girl injured while boarding a city bus has sued the Chicago Transit Authority (CTA) and the bus driver for negligence. The girl is 16 years old. As a result of the accident, she required surgery to repair several fractures to her pelvic bones.

Legal News GavelIn the lawsuit, it is alleged that the bus driver opened the doors for the young girl to board the bus, but he pulled away from the stop with the doors still ajar. The girl then fell out of the bus, hit the ground, and was run over by the bus as the driver pulled away from the stop. The complaint also alleges that the driver left the scene of the accident without stopping to help the injured passenger or calling for help.

A lawyer for the girl’s family said that the lawsuit is intended to provide “justice for the family.” The lawsuit is seeking more than $50,000 in damages, including medical expenses. As part of the lawsuit, the family’s lawyer has asked the court to ensure that any videos or reports made by the CTA relating to the accident be preserved for review.

Accidents Are Common on Public Transportation

With so many people riding public transportation these days, it is not surprising that many passengers are injured on buses and local trains each year. People rely on buses and trains to transport them to work, school, and social events, and they entrust the carriers to transport them to their destinations safely and with reasonable care.

Unfortunately, however, bus accidents are on the rise. School bus accidents are most common, and with a proliferation of new, low-cost bus companies over recent years, bus accidents on large carriers are growing as well.

To ensure safety, bus drivers must be properly trained and certified, not to mention well-rested and drug- and alcohol- free. People also rely on bus companies to properly service, inspect, and repair the buses they ride. But when a bus driver falls asleep at the wheel or otherwise fails to use reasonable care while operating a bus, and passengers are injured as a result, the driver as well as the bus company may be liable. The bus company may also be liable if an accident is the result of inadequate inspections or repairs.

Unfortunately, many injuries stemming from bus accidents could be mitigated or even eliminated if bus companies were willing to invest in improving the safety of their buses. We need look no farther than our children’s school buses, which don’t even require seatbelts. But the Department of Transportation, which overseas the safety of our nation’s buses, refuses to enforce stricter rules, so unnecessarily serious bus accidents will continue to occur.

Have You or a Loved One Been Injured While Riding Public Transportation?

Injuries that stem from accidents involving public transportation are often catastrophic. Imagine being on a bus that overturns or a train that derails without even a seatbelt to protect you. Your whole life could be altered. With so much at stake in these cases, you need lawyers who have the experience and knowledge to help you fully recover for your injuries. Moll Law Group has a proven track record helping families injured in public transportation cases, and we are committed to making you and your family whole again. For a free consultation, call us at (312) 462-1700.

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