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Illinois Lawmakers Considering Giving Four-Time DUI Offenders Another Chance Behind the Wheel

Earlier this month, a local Illinois news report discussed a new bill that lawmakers are considering that may give those who have permanently suspended licenses because they have obtained four DUI convictions another chance. According to the news article, as the law currently stands, anyone who has four DUI convictions in Illinois loses their license for life. However, under the proposed bill, some of the 5,085 Illinois residents with four prior DUIs may be given another shot.

The proposed bill would allow for those convicted of four prior DUI offenses to prove to the Secretary of State that they have turned their life around and have remained alcohol and drug free for the past three years. It will likely take more than their word to convince the Secretary of State. Affidavits and other evidence may be necessary to make the required showing.

Once the Secretary of State is convinced, the repeat offender may be able to obtain a provisional limited license for certain hours, or for certain purposes, such as for work, school, or medical treatment. Of course, if someone is given another chance, and they are convicted of another DUI, they will then be permanently barred from driving.

Drunk Driving Accidents in Illinois

Each year, hundreds of serious and fatal drunk driving accidents occur throughout the State of Illinois. Each one of these tragic accidents could have been prevented had the drunk driver at fault in the accident not been reckless in their decision to get behind the wheel after drinking.

While this new bill proposes to cut repeat DUI offenders some slack when it comes to allowing them to get their license again, there is no doubt that the courts will still strictly enforce DUI laws in both the civil and criminal contexts.

Civil Cases After a DUI Accident

As the article discussed above notes, drunk drivers risk their own personal freedom and their driver’s license when they get behind the wheel. However, they also can be held financially liable for any injuries they cause through a personal injury lawsuit brought by any of the victims of their negligent conduct. Through an Illinois car accident lawsuit, an accident victim can seek compensation for their injuries, including past medical bills, future medical expenses, and lost wages, as well as compensation for any pain and suffering attributable to the accident or its aftermath. To learn more, contact an Illinois personal injury attorney today.

Have You Been Injured in an Illinois Drunk Driving Accident?

If you or a loved one has recently been involved in a serious or fatal Illinois drunk driving accident, you may be entitled to monetary compensation for all that you have endured. The skilled advocates at Moll Law Group have the dedication and experience you need to feel comfortable putting your case in their hands. Through tireless dedication to their clients, the attorneys at Moll Law Group have a successful track record bringing cases against negligent and reckless drivers. Call 312-462-1700 today to set up a free consultation with a skilled and compassionate attorney today.

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