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Lenny Lamb Baby Carrier and Stroller Recalled Due to Falling Hazard

Over 360,000 toddlers suffered injuries as a result of falling or tipping over during the years between 1990 and 2010. A Poland-based manufacturer called Lenny Lamb has recently come under fire for problems and risks associated with its Lenny Lamb brand child carriers. The company recently issued a recall for its buckle onbu infant carrier, even though it has not received any reports of specific injuries. The U.S. Consumer Product Safety Commission has not received any reports or information regarding injuries either.

According to media reports, nearly 1,000 of the onbu carriers were missing a key component. The carriers feature a strap used to secure the device, in which the infant is placed, to the wearer’s body. The affected products are missing internal stitching that ensures the child stays inside the sling device. The device is intended to be worn with the infant carried on the wearer’s back. This means that if the device fails, and the infant falls, the wearer will have a difficult time reacting quickly enough to save the child from harm.

The carrier also features a hood, interior adjustable panel, and shoulder pads. It retails for roughly $90. Affected units were sold online at Bibetts, Lenny Lamb, 5 Minute Recess, Cozy Cuties, and a variety of other outlets between May 2016 and June 2016. To learn more about which units may be affected by the product defect, visit the Consumer Product Safety Commission website.

Product makers have a duty to use reasonable care when designing, manufacturing, and marketing their products. A plaintiff who suffers injuries as a result of a defective product can bring a negligence claim to recover compensation for his or her injuries and damages. A parent can also bring a claim on behalf of an injured minor. Every state has also adopted some form of strict product liability. Under this approach, the plaintiff does not need to establish fault. Instead, the plaintiff need only show that the product was designed in an unreasonably unsafe fashion, suffered from a manufacturing defect, or was rendered unreasonably dangerous due to a lack of sufficient warnings or instructions. How a plaintiff must go about proving the existence of an unreasonable danger varies from state to state. Some jurisdictions have adopted a reasonable alternative design standard, while others employ a reasonable consumer expectation test.

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