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Moll Law Group Preparing to File Lawsuits on Behalf of Women Nationwide Diagnosed with Ovarian Cancer Following Their Use of Johnson & Johnson Talcum Powder Products

Based in Chicago and representing clients across the United States, Moll Law Group is preparing to file lawsuits on behalf of women who have been diagnosed with ovarian cancer as the result of using Johnson & Johnson talcum powder products, including Baby Powder and Shower to Shower. The international pharmaceutical giant has already faced a number of lawsuits involving similar claims about the negative and devastating consequences of the long-term use of its talcum powder products.

Talcum powder is a mineral that has many similarities to asbestos, which is a carcinogenic agent. Prior to the 1970s, products that contained talcum powder frequently also contained asbestos. According to medical researchers, when talcum powder enters the vagina, it can travel to the ovaries, where it can lead to inflammation and an increased risk of developing ovarian cancer. Harvard researchers even concluded in a study comparing the rates of ovarian cancer in women who used talcum powder products to women who did not that there is a 36 percent increased risk of developing the deadly condition in women who do use the products.

In 2014, two class action lawsuits were filed just one year after a plaintiff in South Dakota prevailed against Johnson & Johnson. The woman in that lawsuit alleged that the company was negligent for failing to warn her about the risk of developing ovarian cancer as the result of using talcum powder products. The plaintiff was diagnosed with ovarian cancer in 2006. In May 2016, a jury in St. Louis, Missouri, returned a verdict awarding a plaintiff in a similar lawsuit $55 million in damages. The plaintiff in that case had used Johnson & Johnson’s Baby Powder product for four decades. Three months prior to that, another St. Louis jury awarded $72 million in compensatory damages to the family of a woman who lost her life as the result of ovarian cancer, which physicians linked to her use of the company’s talcum powder-based products.

Johnson & Johnson produces a number of talcum powder products that women use for feminine hygiene purposes, sometimes at a daily frequency. Other women used the products to reduce sweating and chafing in their groin area. A wealth of medical research suggests that talcum powder-based products used for moisture, chafing, or odor control in or around the vagina are linked to the onset of ovarian cancer.

If you have been harmed by a dangerous product or medical device, you can file a product liability or negligence claim against the product manufacturer. In a negligence claim, you must establish that the defendant failed to use due care in designing, manufacturing, marketing, or providing appropriate warnings about the product. Conversely, in a strict liability claim, you must simply show that the product was made or designed in an unreasonably dangerous manner or failed to include appropriate warnings.

If you have developed ovarian cancer and believe it was linked to your prolonged use of Johnson & Johnson’s talcum powder products, contact Moll Law Group immediately. Our talcum powder attorneys are preparing to file numerous claims against the company on behalf of women who have suffered devastating and painful ovarian cancer as a result of the company’s negligence and lack of care. Representing clients across the country, including in Illinois, Florida, California, and Texas, we offer a free consultation to help you learn about your rights. Call us now at 412-362-1700 or contact us online.

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