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Samsung Recalls Top-Loading Washing Machine After Several Reports of Explosions

Sometimes it is easy to overlook the fact that there are hundreds of appliances and products in our daily lives that pose latent risks to our health and safety. Something as simple and common as a washing machine can lead to serious injuries if is not manufactured with reasonable safety and diligence. Recently, the Consumer Product Safety Commission issued a confirmation that there are serious risks associated with Samsung’s top-loading washing machines.

According to the public watchdog agency, machines that were sold between March 2011 and April 2016 are prone to exploding when they are run on any setting higher than the delicate cycle. One woman told ABC News that she was standing next to her Samsung top-loading washing machine when it exploded. After the explosion, she discovered fragments of the machine all over the laundry room and described the corresponding sound as being akin to a bomb exploding.

The news outlet has received other reports of similar experiences regarding the Samsung washer. A consumer in Holly Springs, North Carolina discovered that her washing machine had exploded. It was only two months old at the time of the explosion. The Consumer Product Safety Commission has collected over 20 additional reports providing similar accounts of exploding Samsung washing machines. Some of these victims have filed lawsuits against Samsung, seeking damages for their dangerous product. One mother denied an offer of a refund from Samsung, choosing instead to file a product liability action. When asked why she turned down the refund, she indicated that the potential injuries the exploding device could have inflicted on her child were too severe and that she felt compelled to speak out.

The defect in the machine appears to be a supporting rod in the unit that can become unfastened when the machine experiences heavy vibrations, such as during a forceful spin cycle. In response to these reports and the lawsuit, Samsung and the Consumer Product Safety Commission have advised consumers who own the Samsung top-loading washing machine to only run the device in the delicate setting when washing bulky items, heavy items, or bedding. This instruction is designed to reduce the risk of impact injuries or other harm, should the washing machine tub become dislodged.

A list of the Samsung top-load washers subject to Samsung’s voluntary recall can be found here. As part of the recall, Samsung is offering either free in-home repairs to reinforce the machine or a rebate that can be used to purchase a new washer.

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