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The Winner of the Fall 2016 Moll Law Group College Scholarship Award is…

On October 10, 2016 Moll Law Group announced the 5 finalists for the Moll Law Group College Scholarship Award. Out of all the submissions from across the nation, 5 finalists were selected as having the best essays
on the topic of injury prevention. Due to the difficult decision of picking only one winner out of such great essays, Moll Law Group requested the help from the community in selecting the winner of the $1,000 award. People from across the nation were invited to vote for their favorite injury prevention essay and with their help the winner was determined. Due to the proximity of the voting count, 2 runner-ups were also selected to receive an award. The following are the recipients of the Fall 2016 Moll Law Group College Scholarship Award:

$1,000 – Winner – Kassidy O’Brien

$100 – 1st Runner up – Caroline Laszcz

$100 – 2nd Runner up – Mikayla Edwards

The amounts awarded are to be used towards college tuition and related expenses. Moll Law Group appreciates the time and effort each contestant put into their entry. We encourage all college students to apply for this bi-yearly opportunity to help alleviate the cost of college expenses. More importantly, we encourage everyone to follow the advice each finalist included in their essay to prevent unnecessary injuries.

The winning essay by Kassidy O’Brien highlights key actions that can be taken to avoid distracted driving. These actions include enforcing cell phone laws, incorporating apps intended to prevent distracted driving, charging higher insurance rates for drivers who cause collisions linked to distracted driving and implementing education programs similar to those provided for drunk drivers.

About Moll Law Group

Moll Law Group is a personal injury law firm representing victims from across the nation who were injured by faulty products, harmful prescription drugs, defective medical devices and unsafe drivers. We have found that many of the cases we handle are for actions which resulted in injuries that were completely preventable. That is why our law firm decided to offer this scholarship opportunity to those helping spread injury prevention awareness.

For more injury prevention tips tune into Legal News Network-Safety Tips and Information. Like the Moll Law Group College Scholarship Award, Legal News Network was created in an effort to promote injury prevention awareness.

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