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Another Lawsuit Filed in Elmiron Multidistrict Litigation

eyes-gdebe702c9_640-e1644292120741Elmiron is a drug for bladder pain manufactured by Johnson & Johnson, its subsidiary Janssen Pharmaceuticals, and other parties for eye damages. If you suffered injuries due to Elmiron, you may have a claim that should be part of In Re: Elmiron MDL No. 2973. Recently, another lawsuit was filed on behalf of a woman who was injured after she was prescribed and used Elmiron. If you were harmed by Elmiron, you may be able to file a lawsuit for damages you’re your case may be joined to the MDL. You should consult the seasoned Chicago product liability lawyers of Moll Law Group about whether you have grounds to sue. Billions have been recovered in cases with which we’ve been involved. We represent consumers around the country.

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The most recent product liability lawsuit arising out of Elmiron was filed on January 10, 2022, but it has joined more than 600 other lawsuits in multidistrict litigation in multidistrict litigation in New Jersey federal court. These lawsuits are being pursued on behalf of those who were prescribed Elmiron for their interstitial cystitis and believe they experienced retina damage and visions problems as a result. Interstitial cystitis triggers chronic bladder pain.

The most recent lawsuit alleges that Janssen became cognizant of the vision problems associated with Elmiron shortly after it came onto the market in 1996, which, if true, means they continued to sell the drug long after they knew it had harmful side effects.

In 2018, clinical trials began and showed that key ingredients of Elmiron are associated with pigmentary maculopathy. Pigmentary maculopathy is often misdiagnosed as age-related macular degeneration or pattern dystrophy. The only known cause of it is pentosan polysulfate sodium (PPS), a critical ingredient in Elmiron.

You may have pigmentary maculopathy if you develop dark spots in your field of vision, struggle to read or adjust to dim lights, face loss of perception in colors, or deal with continued eye strain while you are reading or involved in other activities. Blindness and blurred visions are other side effects of Elmiron.

In spite of the link revealed between Elmiron and these types of eye troubles, the manufacturer did not put a warning label on the product until 2020. Accordingly, there may have been willful misrepresentations in connection with this product and the injuries consumers suffered may have been preventable, the result of concealment.

Product Liability Lawsuit

Manufacturers should not look the other way when there are concerns raised about safety. When they do, they may be held accountable in a product liability lawsuit. To establish a manufacturer’s liability for a defective drug or medical device, we will need to show a design, manufacturing, or marketing defect. In this case, because a key ingredient of Elmiron is PPS, there may be a design defect or flaw in how the drug was formulated. If liability is established, consumers will be able to recover compensatory losses. However, if the manufacturer’s concealment is also proven, punitive damages may also be assessed by the jury.

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If you suffered eye injuries because of Elmiron, you should consult the experienced Chicago-based product liability lawyers of Moll Law Group. Our firm has years of experience helping consumers and want to make sure you understand your rights before you’re injured. However, we stand ready to represent you no matter where you are in the country if you have a viable claim after being harmed by a dangerous drug or medical device. Please complete our online form or give us a call at 312.462.1700.


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