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African-American Women who Use Talcum Powder Products at Greater Risk of Developing Ovarian Cancer

A new study published by the American Association for Cancer Research concluded that the risk of developing cancer as a result of using talcum-based products is higher for African-American women compared to other African-American women who do not use these products. The lead researcher for this study is an epidemiologist based in Virginia. According to the researcher, companies that develop, market, and sell talcum powder products target African-American females when considering how to brand and attract buyers for these items.

What prompted the study was the doctor’s curiosity regarding whether these products actually lead to different types of cancer, including ovarian cancer. The researcher began the study as a self-proclaimed critic, believing that these claims lacked merit. After completing the study, however, Dr. Schildkraut now states that these talc products have a direct link to cancer.

To conduct the study, the doctor assembled a research team that performed interviews of almost 600 African-American women who had ovarian cancer and 745 other women of color who had not been diagnosed with ovarian cancer. Overall, some 63 percent of the participants who had been diagnosed with cancer and 53 percent of the participants who had not been diagnosed with cancer were users of talcum powder products. Based on these figures and other conclusions from the study, the doctor determined that using talcum powder products increases a woman’s risk of developing ovarian or another type of cancer.

Also of note regarding this study is the recent acknowledgment that African-American women are frequently underrepresented in studies involving epidemiological issues.

This is not the first study to link talcum powder with ovarian and other types of cancer. In December 2015, a study concluded that there is a 33 percent rise in the likelihood of developing ovarian cancer for women who stated that they applied talcum powder directly to their genitals, in comparison to women who use the product on clothing, sanitary napkins, or tampons.

When it comes to dangerous products, companies have a duty to use reasonable care when designing, manufacturing, marketing, and selling consumer goods. This includes ensuring that the product contains sufficient and complete warnings regarding how the product should be used, in addition to warnings about any dangers associated with the product. Under an alternative theory of recovery, product manufacturers can be held strictly liable for the harm that their products cause if the consumer can show that the product was more dangerous than a reasonable consumer would expect it to be. Some states use a slightly different approach, holding the company liable if the consumer can show that the benefits of the product are outweighed by the risks that it poses.

If you routinely used talcum powder products and have developed ovarian cancer, you may be entitled to compensation. The dedicated talcum powder lawyers at Moll Law Group are investigating claims regarding the link between talcum powder and cancer. Representing clients throughout the United States, including in Illinois, New York, Texas, and California, we offer a free consultation to help you learn about your legal rights. Call us now at 312-462-1700 or contact us online to set up your appointment.

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