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Moll Law Group Community Scholarship Finalists Announced: Vote for your favorite Essay to determine the winner of the $1,000 award

As a personal injury law firm serving clients nationwide, Moll Law Group represents injured victims and their families. Many of these injuries were either preventable or unnecessary. Through it’s years serving the American community, Moll Law Group has come to understand that one of the best ways to avoid serious injury is by taking preventative measures. That is why Moll Law Group offers safety information and tips through its free consumer safety network – Legal News Network. In addition to providing safety information and donating to non-profit organizations, Moll Law Group offers bi-yearly scholarships to college students who write essays on the topic of safety and injury prevention.

College students were encouraged to submit an essay that provides safety information on the topic of their choice that furthers the injury prevention goal of the firm. Topics could vary from information on defective and dangerous products to transportation issues (e.g. distracted driving).

Among the many submissions received, the scholarship committee was finally able to narrow the list down to five finalists who share the same injury prevention vision. Now, Moll Law Group is asking for help from the community to assist in selecting the winner of the $1,000 scholarship award. Vote for your favorite injury prevention essay HERE. We will also heavily consider likes, shares and comments each essay receives on social media to determine the winner.

The finalists for the 2016 Moll Law Group Fall Scholarship Award are:

“Distracted Driving” by Kassidy O’Brien

“Swimming Pool Safety” by Caroline Laszcz

“Cultivating Camp Safety Practices” by Sarah Kelty

“Distracted Driving” by Rebecca Ferra

“Daycare Safety” by Mikayla Edwards

The winner will be announced on October 17, 2016. Vote for your favorite Essay today.

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