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atv-e1718066265390Off-highway vehicle use typically increases during the summer months. Recently, the Consumer Product Safety Commission issued its annual report about rising off-highway deaths and injuries. Among other things, the report revealed that minors under age 16, as well as adults between the ages of 45 and 54 have higher death rates in off-highway vehicles. Overall, there was a 33% increase in off-highway vehicle deaths in 2020 compared to 2019—these were the two most recent years for which there was data. Males were disproportionately affected. The CPSC chair Alex Hoehn-Saric has asked that safe riding be put first and that riders should wear a helmet with proper gear.

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The CPSC report asks rider to take appropriate steps to avoid collisions. Leading causes of death in off-highway vehicles were crashes with other vehicles and stationary objects like trees. Often the occupants of vehicles would be thrown out of the vehicle during these collisions.

The report also informs us that children under age 12 constituted 44% of fatalities of children under 16. Additionally, adults older than 55 were affected; they made up 30% of related deaths.

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