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Bed-Sores Considered a “Never Event” by Center for Medicare and Medicaid Services

Never Events in Nursing Homes

Nursing home residents are at a particularly high risk of being victims of a never event, due to the lack of oversight present in most nursing homes. Unlike doctor’s offices or hospitals, nursing homes are not frequented by guests, and the residents often have limited contact with the outside world. This creates a situation in which there is little oversight, which allows for less-than-diligent staff members to cut corners when it comes to a resident’s care.

Perhaps the most common never events that occur in nursing homes are bed sores. A bed sore, also known as a pressure ulcer, is a skin condition that can develop, usually over a bony area, when too much consistent pressure is applied to the skin. Bed sores are most common among nursing home residents who are immobile. Nursing home staff should take extra precautions to ensure that immobile residents do not lie in the same position for hours at a time, and they should move or roll residents to prevent bed sores. Stage III and IV bed sores have been considered a never event by the Center for Medicare and Medicaid Services (CMS) for the past 11 years.

CMS is part of the Department of Health and Human Services and oversees two of the largest medical programs in the country, covering millions of Americans. One of the many functions that CMS plays is to help develop medical standards across the industry in hopes of providing better care.In pursuit of providing better and more effective medical care, CMS routinely updates a list of “never events.” Never events are “errors in medical care that are clearly identifiable, preventable, and serious in their consequences for patients, and that indicate a real problem in the safety and credibility of a health care facility.” These never events span the range of medical providers, including doctor’s offices, surgeons, clinics, and nursing homes.

Despite the name, never events do occur, especially at nursing homes. When bed sores do develop, the nursing home employees responsible for the care of the resident may be held liable. The fact that CMS has determined that there is never a good reason for a bed sore to develop is extremely helpful in proving that nursing home staff was negligent in the care provided to the resident.

Has Your Loved One Suffered a Bed Sore in a Nursing Home?

If you have a loved one in a nursing home, and you have recently noticed that they are suffering from bed sores, it is likely due to negligent or otherwise inadequate care. You or your loved one may be entitled to monetary compensation based on a lapse of care. The skilled personal injury lawyers at Moll Law Group have decades of experience assisting nursing home residents and their families in seeking the compensation they deserve from negligent nursing homes. Call 312.462.1700 to set up a free consultation with an attorney today.

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