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Facebook Marketplace Still Sells Boppy Loungers, Despite More Infant Deaths

baby-g4098dae5f_1280-300x200There have been additional infant deaths on Boppy Newborn Loungers, despite the 2021 recall. The U.S. Consumer Product Safety Commission (CPSC) recalled Boppy Infant Loungers after a reported eight infant deaths due to suffocation. There were over 3.3 million products sold at mass merchandisers like Target, Walmart, and Amazon.com, which have since been taken off of shelves. However, the recalled product has still been sold on Facebook Marketplace, prompting pressure for the site to ban the sale of the dangerous product. If your infant was harmed or died from Boppy lounger use, you should consult the seasoned Chicago product liability attorneys of Moll Law Group. Billions have been recovered in lawsuits with which we’ve been involved, and we represent plaintiffs around the country.

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Between December 2015 and June 2020, eight infants suffocated on a Boppy Company Newborn lounger. The infants were able to roll or move in a position that obstructed their breathing, such as an adult pillow. They were in a position on their back, stomach, or side. The lounger is not intended for sleeping, which the company acknowledges, but infants can fall asleep quickly which makes the product unsafe.

The company offered a refund as compensation for the recall. They also advise to stop use of the product immediately.  The exact products recalled are the Boppy Original Newborn Lounger , Boppy Preferred Newborn Lounger, and Pottery Barn Kids Boppy Newborn Lounger.

Since the recall, there have been an additional two deaths and the product is still being sold on Facebook Marketplace, despite advocates and the CPSC calling for its removal. It is illegal to sell a recalled item, however, many are still found on the site being sold. New limitations were put in place, taking away the ability to search for the product itself, but that does not eliminate the ability for it to be sold.

The situation with an unsafe product being sold on Facebook Marketplace is not new. Fischer Rock’n Play were recalled, yet, not being flagged by Facebook for being sold. Articles were written demanding more be done.  

The CPSC has reiterated that the best place an infant should be put to sleep is a flat, firm surface without any soft bedding like blankets or pillows, which can cause suffocation. Infants should also be put to sleep on their back. 

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