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Moll Law Group Files First Lawsuit Against AstraZeneca For Injuries Sustained from Nexium Use

Moll Law Group has filed its first lawsuit against the maker of Nexium, AstraZeneca, on behalf of a Tennessee resident who suffered severe and life-threatening injuries after being prescribed and taking the drug Nexium. Filed in the Western District of Tennessee, the complaint alleges that the defendants knew or should have known that Nexium poses a serious risk of kidney injuries and that the drug maker failed to provide adequate instructions regarding the potentially life-threatening consequences that could result from the use of the drug.

The plaintiff started taking Nexium in 2003 and continued using it until 2008, when he was diagnosed with a severe and drug-induced case of Acute Interstitial Nephritis following a biopsy. As a result of his condition, he was required to undergo dialysis three times a week and is awaiting a kidney transplant.

Nexium is a type of proton pump inhibitor (PPI) that is used to decrease the amount of acid that the stomach produces. This type of drug is commonly used to treat gastroesophageal reflux disease (GERD) and peptic ulcer disease (PUD). Originally approved under the name Losec in 1988, Nexium is a second-generation PPI drug and was intended to be an improvement on the first-generation version, commonly referred to as Prilosec.

According to a study published in the February 2016 issue of the Journal of the American Medical Association, patients who take PPI drugs like Nexium and Prilosec face a higher risk of chronic kidney disease. Similar prescriptions and over-the-counter medications also pose a level of danger of developing kidney-related complications.

To recover compensation from a drug manufacturer, the plaintiff must show that the defendant designed the drug in an unreasonably unsafe manner or that the drug failed to include adequate warnings and instructions. This is referred to as a strict product liability claim. Plaintiffs can also assert negligence claims against drug manufacturers, which require them to show that the defendant failed to use due care in designing, manufacturing, or creating warnings for the drug.

Moll Law Group is currently reviewing a number of claims on behalf of individuals who suffered kidney damage as a result of taking PPI drugs like Nexium. In many instances, litigation against a drug manufacturer relating to one of its specific pharmaceuticals or medical devices will be consolidated into a multi-district litigation, commonly referred to as an MDL. Like a class action, an MDL is a process used to promote efficiency by deciding issues of law and fact that are common to all plaintiffs. It differs from a class action, however, in that each plaintiff is still required to prove his or her individual case, and damages are awarded on an individual basis as opposed to a lump sum class payment.

If you have suffered injuries as the result of taking a PPI drug like Nexium, we are ready to help you seek the justice you deserve. We proudly serve clients throughout the United States, including in California, Illinois, New York, Texas, and Florida. Our Nexium attorneys offer a free consultation to help you determine whether you may be entitled to compensation. Call us now at 312-462-1700 or contact us online to set up your appointment. Don’t wait–time may be running out on your claim.

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