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Spring 2016 Moll Law Group College Scholarship Winner is . . .

Moll Law Group is dedicated to promoting education as well as injury prevention. By offering a semi-annual $1,000 scholarship award to the student who submits the best injury prevention essay, Moll Law Group wishes to help students alleviate the cost of college expenses. The following are the recipients of the Spring 2016 Moll Law Group Scholarship Award:

$1,000 – Winner – Evan Kaufmann

$100 – Finalist – Brittany Larsen

$100 – Finalist – Nathanial Kern

$100 – Finalist – Dwan Cowan

$100 – Finalist – Vanessa Infante

The Spring 2016 Scholarship application submissions were received from several different states across the nation. Only five finalists were chosen and ultimately only one winner was awarded the grand prize. As a consolation prize to the runner-up finalists who dedicated much time and effort to their entry, Moll Law Group awarded each a $100 award to be used towards college tuition and related expenses.

Moll Law Group represents people who were severely injured and families who lost a loved one from defective products, dangerous prescription drugs, faulty medical devices and unsafe vehicles. Most of these injuries and deaths are completely preventable and in an effort to prevent further injuries and death, the Moll Law Group College Scholarship Award was created. The Spring 2016 winning essay “The Three-Stage Process to Ending Distracted Driving” by Evan Kaufmann, is an essay highlighting the dangers of  cellphone use while driving. Coincidentally, the National Safety Council has declared April Distracted Driving Awareness Month. Distracted driving comes in all shapes and sizes. According to Evan Kaufmann’s essay, “Texting is one of the greatest culprits contributing to this unsafe practice of distracted driving.” Many drivers may be able to relate to this distracted driving form. When an accident occurs as a result of distracted driving, victims must be aware of their options.

As careful as one may be, accidents do happen. Many times, these accidents result in minor or no bodily harm. However, there are instances in which car accident victims are severely injured or die. When this occurs, victims or their family members need to contact an experienced lawyer immediately. Moll Law Group is experienced in handling transportation accident claims including car accidents, distracted driving accidents, drunk driving accidents, texting while driving accidents, and sleep deprivation accidents.

Evan Kaufmann introduces his CPR acronym in a 3-part process to ending distracted driving. Evan hopes to Convince, Persuade and Remind drivers to “[p]ut the phone away. If it’s just too much of a temptation, better to leave it out of sight until you’ve parked the car. Parents should also set rules for their teen drivers not to text or answer the phone while they’re behind the wheel. If possible, avoid calling or texting someone when you know they’re on the road, to reduce the temptation of distracted driving.” Be considerate of the drivers you share the road with and their families.

For more injury prevention tips, feel free to check out Legal News Network – Safety Tips and Information. Like the Moll Law Group College Scholarship Award, Legal News Network was also created by Moll Law Group in an effort to promote injury prevention awareness.

Missed out on the Spring 2016 Scholarship? Moll Law Group is now accepting applications for the Fall 2016 Community Scholarship Award. The deadline to apply is September 30, 2016. Visit our website for detailed information on eligibility and requirements.

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