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Moll Law Group is dedicated to promoting education as well as injury prevention. By offering a semi-annual $1,000 scholarship award to the student who submits the best injury prevention essay, Moll Law Group wishes to help students alleviate the cost of college expenses. The following are the recipients of the Spring 2016 Moll Law Group Scholarship Award:

$1,000 – Winner – Evan Kaufmann

$100 – Finalist – Brittany Larsen

$100 – Finalist – Nathanial Kern

$100 – Finalist – Dwan Cowan

$100 – Finalist – Vanessa Infante

The Spring 2016 Scholarship application submissions were received from several different states across the nation. Only five finalists were chosen and ultimately only one winner was awarded the grand prize. As a consolation prize to the runner-up finalists who dedicated much time and effort to their entry, Moll Law Group awarded each a $100 award to be used towards college tuition and related expenses. Continue reading →

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Drivers today are faced with too many distractions. Not so long ago, pay phones were more common than cell phones, and billboards were bland and often went unnoticed. Cars had a stereo, but it was usually limited to a radio and single CD player.

These days, cell phones are essentially portable computers, and some drivers not only talk on the phone while driving, but they also text and email as if they aren’t even behind the wheel of a car. In addition, billboards are full of eye-catching innuendoes and pictures, often flashing from one image to another. One minute they tell drivers which suspects are most wanted by the FBI, the next which airline offers the cheapest seats to pictured Caribbean beaches.

Of course, not all drivers are distracted by these factors while driving. In fact, many make a point of not talking or texting at all while they drive, or they will only communicate with a hands-free device. But with so many drivers rushing between work and home to meet all of their obligations, even the most cautious of drivers, at some point or another, gets distracted while driving. When this happens, and an accident results, the driver may be liable for negligence.

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Earlier this month near Springfield, a six-vehicle accident sent several people to the hospital with varying injuries and backed up traffic for hours. According to one local news source, the accident occurred at around one in the afternoon on Interstate 55, between Sixth Street and Toronto Road.

Evidently, a semi-truck was heading southbound on I-55 when he collided with the rear of a van that had slowed down on the highway. The truck skidded off the road and rolled over onto its side before coming to a complete stop. The collision between the truck and the van caused a chain-reaction accident that ultimately involved a total of six vehicles. Police told reporters that there were several other smaller accidents involving just a few cars that were caused as a result of the slowing traffic on the highway.

The drivers of the truck and the van were both taken by ambulance to Memorial Medical Center, where they were treated for serious injuries. One other person involved in the accident was also taken to the hospital. All hospitalized parties are expected to make a full recovery.

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