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Supreme Court shuts down Bayer’s attempt to stop Roundup litigation

wheat-gf75725a52_640On June 21, 2022 The United States Supreme Court denied an appeal to put an end to thousands of pending lawsuits tying Bayer’s weedkiller product to cancer diagnosis.

This development comes after a Supreme Court request from May of 2022 to hear from President Biden’s administration. Biden’s solicitor general produced a brief which urged the Court to the similar and recent rejection.

The decision supports a $25 million verdict from Northern California, awarding Edwin Hardeman damages from his continual Roundup use. While this case has been used in a practical sense of applying similar suits, Bayer has recently won four consecutive trials in various state courts.

However, this development from the Supreme Court points in a positive direction for plaintiffs. As president of Moll Law Group, Ken Moll finds these facts to be encouraging.

“This changes further litigation against Monsanto and Bayer significantly,” Moll said.

Bayer maintains their product’s safety. Their annual report, filed in March, noted 107,000 of 138,000 total cases resolved in this matter. An international agency for research on cancer pointed to glyphosate, an active ingredient in Roundup, to be probably carcinogenic.

This past week, the Ninth Circuit rejected a 2020 EPA finding that pointed to a low correlation or likelihood of combining cancer diagnoses with usage of Roundup products. The court ordered the EPA to re-examine that understanding.

Bayer increased their litigation provision in July 2021 by $4.5 billion in case of an unfavorable Supreme Court ruling from a previous $11.6 billion amount set aside.

2023 is Bayer’s goal to no longer include glyphosate for residential use. This still allows the Roundup product and glyphosate to be accessible professionally and in farming.

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