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Target Announces Recall of Water-Absorbing Toy That Could Cause Severe Stomach Issues in Children

Major retailer Target has announced a recall of over half a million toy eggs designed to absorb water after concerns that the toys could create a blockage in a child’s stomach if they are ingested. The toys were designed and packaged for Easter.

Since the toys are designed to absorb water, if a child accidentally ingests a toy, it will swell inside the body and create an intestinal obstruction. The reports also suggested that the toy may not show up on an x-ray, making a life-threatening condition even harder to identify and treat. This could lead to serious health consequences, including severe pain, discomfort, dehydration, nausea, vomiting, and even death.

Although there appear to be no reports of injuries associated with the toy at this time, the Consumer Product Safety Commission initiated a Fast Track Recall covering some 560,000 toys. They also alerted members of the medical community and instructed parents to take adequate precautions, including not giving the toy to children and returning the product immediately.

The product is sold under the name Hatch & Grow Easter Eggs, Easter Grow Toys, and Hatch Your Own Dino. They were offered at various Target locations between February 2017 and March 2017. Target is offering a full refund if parents return the toys.

Issues associated with children ingesting water-absorbing toys have occurred in the past. In 2012, for example, an eight-month-old infant swallowed a gel ball designed to absorb water. The toy can increase to up to 400 times its initial size. The toy is roughly the size of a marble, making it easy to ingest for children.

Although the infant was taken to the hospital after showing signs of a severe stomach issue, the x-ray scan was unable to detect the blockage until roughly 15 hours after it was ingested. Eventually, surgeons were required to perform a surgery to identify the problem. The procedure revealed that a 3.5-centimeter ball was blocking a portion of the infant’s intestinal system. According to the surgeons, if the procedure had been delayed, the child could have potentially died.

If a child is injured as a result of a dangerous product, his or her parent can bring a product liability claim against the manufacturer. In this type of claim, the plaintiff must show that the defendant designed the product in an unreasonably dangerous manner, that the product suffered from a design defect during the manufacturing process, or that the defendant failed to provide adequate warnings regarding the product’s potential dangers. Each state has slightly different requirements regarding what a plaintiff must show to prove that a product’s design is unreasonably dangerous. Some require the plaintiff to prove that a reasonable consumer would find it unreasonably dangerous, while others require the plaintiff to show that its risks outweigh any benefits.

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