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Texas Parents Bring Wrongful Death Claim Linked to Contaminated Water at Apartment Complex

A recent case being brought by a mother in Texas highlights the many not-so-obvious ways that contamination can result in serious injuries and even death. According to her complaint, the woman’s son died tragically as a result of her apartment complex’s failure to address contamination leaking from a cesspool. The mother was 22 weeks pregnant when she became so ill that her physicians were required to prematurely induce labor in an attempt to save her baby’s life.

The doctors concluded that the plaintiff had a severe E. coli infection, resulting from water in the cesspool leaching into various places on the property. As a result of her infection, her unborn baby developed a bacterial infection called chorioamnionitis. This infection, which targets the uterus, is commonly derived from E. coli. The baby was unable to survive and died roughly two hours after the induced delivery.

The mother and her husband lived at the apartment complex starting in December 2013. The family first noticed that they were experiencing health issues around June 2015, including urinary tract infections, diarrhea, and vomiting. Other residents at the apartment complexes reported experiencing similar health maladies. The plaintiff first learned that she was with child in November 2015 and became seriously ill in February 2016. During that same month, a company was hired to work on the apartment complex. They reported that a large cesspool had been discovered underneath the building and that it had contaminated the drinking water for the building. They also submitted a proposal to fix the problem, but the apartment complex has done nothing to fix the cesspool. The apartment complex operator denies having received a report identifying E. coli on the premises and denies that the plaintiffs ever reported their illnesses.

The plaintiffs are seeking damages pursuant to Texas’ wrongful death statute. Every state recognizes a wrongful death cause of action, which allows certain specifically identified surviving heirs to bring a claim to recover compensation for the loss of their loved one’s company, love, society, and support. Most states also allow the surviving heirs to recover any funeral or burial expenses from a liable defendant.

When it comes to property owners’ liability, most states also recognize a cause of action for premises liability. In general, landowners have a duty to maintain their premises in good working condition, to fix any known dangerous conditions, and to provide warnings to guests about any known dangerous conditions.

At Moll Law Group, our talented team of experienced legal professionals has handled complex litigation on behalf of plaintiffs throughout the country, including in New York, Illinois, California, and Florida. Our water contamination attorneys are experienced in cases involving claims by plaintiffs that exposure to a specific chemical or contaminant caused them to suffer a disease or injury. We can provide you with the zealous, dedicated, and compassionate legal counsel that your family and you deserve during this difficult time. Nothing can truly compensate you for suffering painful and life-altering diseases, let alone the loss of a loved one, but it can ensure that you have the finances you need to cope with the loss and to compensate you justly. Call us at 412-362-1700 or contact us online to set up your free consultation.

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